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Home Softwashing Projects Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning in Jupiter, FL

Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning on Fairview E in Jupiter, FL

Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning Jupiter-After

Gulfstream Property Services cleaned a white flat tile roof using low pressure chemicals to remove black mold.

Roof Cleaning

Low pressure chemical roof cleaning is also known as softwashing. This entails using the same pressure that comes out of a garden hose to apply the algaecide to the roof. With many applications necessary to achieve a uniform clean look, we are diligent about protecting landscaping or anything else that might be affected by the chemical. We reclaim excess chemical used in the roof cleaning by using bags to collect at the gutter exit points. We also cover landscaping and use water continually during the roof cleaning process to keep the foliage protected. Once the applications are complete we will rinse any potential problem areas to ensure no damage will happen after we leave.

House Washing

We were called to clean a house that was going on the real estate market. As you can see, the walls had grown mold on the northern side. This is because of its minimal exposure to the sun, which accelerates mold growth. Areas that don't completely dry out or take a long time to be free of condensation from the previous night are the best case scenario for mold growth. To remove it safely without jeopardizing the paints integrity, we use the chemical injection process. First, we inject the algaecide onto the moldy surface. The concentration of the chemical is diluted more than the softwash method, which makes it plant safe. Next, we rinse the area with high pressure water to remove the mold streaks without harming the painted surface.

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