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What Is Softwashing?


Softwashing is one of those terms you don't hear used as frequently as standard pressure washing in Jupiter. But if you're getting a component of your home cleaned that needs to be treated with care, it's a term your pressure washing company should be using.

Your roof, for instance, should not be cleaned in the same manner as your driveway. However, if the so-called pro you hire isn't talking about using softwashing then they're planning on doing just that.

Know the Difference Between Power Washing and Softwashing

Both power washing and softwashing are about the same thing and that's cleaning the exterior of your home. Are they different? And if so, how?

  • Softwashing is unique because it doesn't rely on highly pressurized water to clean the outside of your home. Instead, this technique uses cleaning solutions to get the job done. We still use water but it's not highly pressurized and it's the cleansing agents that do the hard work.
  • This is important for areas like your roof. When standard pressure washing techniques are used, this can damage shingles or tiles. It can also cause water pockets to form under the roofing material and that leads to mold and rot.
  • Many homeowners worry that this means you won't have as thorough a clean. The truth is, with the use of these biodegradable cleaning agents, you can actually get better results. This also disinfects the area and delays the likelihood of algae or mold returning again, anytime soon.
  • Don't worry, pressure washing is still a perfectly acceptable cleaning method to use for durable surfaces like decks, patios, fences, and your driveway. These are surfaces that can handle the high velocity water but also need force to really get the job done.

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