Since 2002 G.P.S. has been a licensed and insured full service window cleaning company.  We specialize in one to two story residences and commercial exteriors. Whether it’s exterior or interior/exterior window cleaning, we have you covered.  We also offer Mirror cleaning, from wall mirrors to small hanging or bath mirrors. Some windows get built up with hard water staining over time.  This could be due to minerals in the irrigation or environmental factors and usually looks like white spots on the outside of the window/door.  Shower enclosures are particularly susceptible to this staining. This type of water staining (Type I) can be restored to look like new if it is caught early, before years of exposure to the minerals (Type I stain). Type II stains are etched into glass and cannot be removed. Cleaning hard water stains involves using an acidic solution to remove the mineral deposits from the surface of the glass.

Rates: Vary depending on the condition of glass and frequency of cleaning.

*We carry full liability and roofers workers compensation insurance and can provide copies of certificates or originals sent from our insurance agent.